Ice Bear SoftA Cat and Margaret (theatre play for children)

Poster A fairy-tale full of magic by means of which a cat and Margaret fighted with a dragon.


1. Performance
2. Plot
3. Video of the dernière
4. Screenplay

1. Performance

Screenplay: Zdeněk Wagner

Director: Václav Slovák

Tantalinah cat   Jana Štefelová
Margaret   Petra Veselá
Magician Al Khimicus   Václav Slovák
Witch   Marie Solárová
Flamer (a dragon)   Tomáš Zelenka
Know-All Grandfather   Jiří Kalina
Mice   Eva Kinnertová, Gabriela Hotová
Spectators, butterflies   Zlata Benková, Veronika Bandevská

Scene: Lucia Máhriková

Poster illustration: Ivana Miklošková

Première: Ostrava (Czech Republic), 23 June 2015, 10 o'clock, Chemistry at the castle (in Czech only)

Subsequent performances: Ostrava 27 and 28 November 2015, Science And Technology Centre

2. Plot

Tantalinah cat tells spectators that Magician Al Khimicus is coming. They together present magic full of fire. The cat says that the magician promised to create a girl who will take care of her. The magician creates Margaret. At that time Flamer dragon comes and kidnaps the magician.

A witch is preparing a poison against mice and mice are making fun of her because she is not successful. The cat and Margaret are coming to obtain an advice how to save the magician. The witch promises to help but they must first give her a hair with which it is possible to write, a hair that is red but emits green light, a hair that barks. The cat and Margaret leave to get them.

The cat and Margaret ask butterflies where to get such hair. The butterflies reply that only Know-All Grandfather knows it and show them the way. Know-All Grandfather first does not want to help. He has to make serpents because there is lack of them on earth. Finally he gives them such hair and a magic book with description how to use them.

The mice are making fun of the witch because she is unable to do any magic. At that time the cat and Margaret are coming and show her hair. Now they wish to hear the advice how to fight with the dragon. The witch replies that she never fulfills promises. Margaret threatens her and starts calling names of noble gases as if they were a kind of a magic formula. The witch becomes scared and says that there really is no magic against dragons but Flamer wants to marry and his beloved dragon girl requests a gift. She advices how to cheat the dragon and hence save the magician. The cat and Margaret are leaving and the mice are leaving together with them.

The cat, Margaret, and the mice are approaching the dragon. You can get to know in the theatre what they bring him and whether they manage to save the magician.

3. Video of the dernière

Duration 45 minutes, in Czech without subtitles.

4. Screenplay

Download the screenplay (in Czech only): Kocka-a-Marketka.pdf