Ice Bear SoftMemoDisx 1.0: CD Catalogue

MemoDisx is a web-based application which stores contents of CD's in a database and allows various kinds of search. The database stores not only the names of directories and files but can also look inside archive files (typically *.zip, *.tar, *.tgz, *.tar.gz, *.tar.bz2).

MemoDisx can work in OS/2 or in Unix systems. If you try to use it under Windows, MemoDisx will think that it runs under OS/2. It might work but it is neither tested nor supported.

MemoDisx requires the following software tools:

Other requirements depend on the operating system:

If you wish to store the contents of archives, you must have InfoZip, tar, gzip and bzip2. It is not necessary to have all of them, you will select later which of them you wish to use.

You can also try the MemoDisx demo. Some functions in the demo version are not available. The demo also includes full documentation.

You can download MemoDisx here (71 KB).

Technical note: MemoDisx makes use of content negotiation in PHP scripts.