Ice Bear SoftIndex creation in Hindi and Marathi, beta 3

Authors: Zdeněk Wagner, Anshuman Pandey, Jaya Saraswati

1. Description

The xindy modules for index creation in Hindi and Marathi have just be released. The software is almost ready for inclusion to xindy distribution although some problems have not been solved yet. More information is available in the draft document which is the part of the package.

Important note: After fixing the bug in beta 2 the modules work in TeX Live 2010.

The package contains a few test files. The tests processed with LaTeX are available below in the PDF format for those who wish to see the result but do not like to download the whole package. The indices in the test documents contain all words irrespective of flexion. The goal is to demonstrate alphabetic sorting, not to explain the way of index creation.

  1. Sample document from the Velthuis Devanagari for TeX package entered in the Velthuis transliteration
  2. The same document encoded in UTF-8 and processed by XeLaTeX
  3. Text from Marathi Wikipedia encoded in UTF-8 and processed by XeLaTeX
  4. Demonstration of merge rules for handling characters with nuktas

2. Lecture slides

You can see the slides for my lecture for the TeXperience 2010 conference (in English). The video will probably be available soon.

3. Installation and download

You can download the full source file This package contains all above mentined PDF files. Some generated files are also available there. They are prepared for installation. The installation script is suitable for TeX Live 2008, 2009, and 2010 for unix systemx. It will not work in other TeX distributions.

Alternatively you can download easy to install package This package contains neither documentation nor the source files. Installation is done by unpacking it to the proper directory. The directory structure has been changed slightly in TeX Live 2010. In the older versions the xindy modules were present in the subdirectories of texmf/xindy where directories base, lang, tex, and others could be found. Now these directories live one level lower in texmf/xindy/modules. Unpack the file into the appropriate directory according to the distribution you have.

4. License

The license of the package is GPL v2+.

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