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Photo: Marcela Fridrichov√°

The most reliable way of contacting me is writing an email. My email address is given below intentionally in a form of very distorted image. I make use of a strict antispam filter. Do not write words that often appear in spams, the filter will catch such mails and delete them. Remember that an attachment should be added to a letter. A mail containing just an attachment without a message is usually considered a spam and automatically deleted by the filter. The filter removes attachments containing executable file even if they are enclosed in a compressed archive.

Always use a descriptive enough subject of your mail. I receive daily a few dozens emails. If I am not able to answer immediately due to time limitation and the subject of the mail is not descriptive or even missing, I will not be able to find it later and therefore will not respond.

e-mail address

You can also contact me via a data box (ISDS), either company box with ID karryjb or private box with ID m5cr47j. Both data boxes allow post-office data messages (PDZ).