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Czech/Slovak (TeX), Phonetic Devanagari and Gujarati, Mac OS X-like Armenian Keybord Layout xkb, v.2.0

Typesetting a bilingual poetry book

Tests of Digital Cameras and Accesories

Obtaining and Renewing Certificates with Let's Encrypt

My start with the git versioning system

Although Jean-Marie Cavada among others suggests that hypertext links to someone else's web pages should not be allowed, it will never be the case of links to my web pages. One of the principles of the scientific work that is accepted and required by all major world publishers of scientific journals is not only the right but even the requirement to cite exactly or sources used. A hypertext links goes even further. The source is not only given but even a quick path to finding the source is offered to a reader. According to my point of view forbidding hypertext links is rude violation of basic ethical principles. Hypertext links to my web pages were and will always be allowed without any payment and without necessity to ask me for permission. In other words, by this paragraph I grant everybody such a permission and I will never revoke it of my own free will. The permission may be revoked only by brute force of members of EU parliament who do not share these ethical principles.

The text below explaining how to refer to my pages is just a recommendation that should make the links more useful to readers. You are, of course, allowed to refer to my pages by any suitable way.

I am forced to sponsor musicians and other copyright organisations by all my work because I store my stories, poems, photos as well as software and data on CD and DVD media.

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The nation that loses its moral code loses itself.
Arabic proverb