Ice Bear SoftScanning in Linux, both for job and joy

Lecture with the above mentioned title was presented in Czech at Open Workshop in Olomouc on 24 November 2007.

OWO - Open Workshop Olomouc

The aim of the lecture is to show how to scan images using a computer with the Linux operating system, both for personal purpose and at professional level for further use in DTP. After general remarks concerning selection of proper hardware, instructions for installing a scanner and theoretical introduction program Vuescan will be presented. The main part of the lecture will be practical demonstration of work with a film scanner as well as processing "raw" images from digital cameras.

You can look at the slides (in Czech only).

You can also get the text in PDF (in Czech). The full proceedings will be published at the beginning of year 2008.

Demonstration of differences of correctly and incorractly scanne image can hardly be viewed on the screen but will be visible when printed. In order to understand it please print at least pages containing figures 1 and 2.