Ice Bear SoftNamespace-URI and Doctype menu for EPM

This package is provided AS IS without any warranty of any kind. It is not intended as a production software. It should merely serve as an example. If you like it, you can use it and redistribute it as you wish. If you take a program code from a textbook or a magazine, you are on your own whether it works or not. Use this package in a similar way.

This package is useful for those who write XML files. It is often necessary to specify namespace URI and/or DOCTYPE. Hardly anybody remembers all those URI's and public identifiers. Instead of searching for specifications or some old documents I decided to put these pieces of information into the menu of my editor. If you like my choice, you can use the compiled version but most probably you would edit the source file and recompile. The documentation is included in the package.

Suppose that you wish to write an XHTML document. It must start with a DTD declaration, so you have to know the public identifier. If you have this package, you just select it from the menu (clicking the image preview will shou the full size screenshot in a separate window):

Now the public identifier is on its place. The document element requires a namespace declaration. You start it manually by typing <html xmlns=' and then find the namespace URI in the menu:

Finally you close the opening <html> tag and can write the contents.

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