Ice Bear SoftPhotography

Photography is not my main source of income. I prefer freedom of creation regardless whether I succeed in selling the photos. However, I accept making photos on a commercial basis if the theme is interesting to me.

I make photos of the following genres:

A book entitled भारत के रंगبھارت کے رنگ — The Colours of India is being prepared for publication.

In years 2009–2023 I was an official photographer of the week of science in the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, ASCR, v. v. i and in 2011 I was a photographer of events of the International Year of Vhemistry in the Czech Republic.

My photos were presented from October 9 to Nobember 3, 2006 on exhibition in Infocentre in Kolovraty near Prague (information in Czech only).

The galleries contain a small selection of my photos.

I am forced to sponsor musicians and other copyright organisations by my art work because I store my stories, poems, and photos on CD and DVD media.