Ice Bear SoftPhotography

Photography is not my main source of income. I prefer freedom of creation regardless whether I succeed in selling the photos. However, I accept making photos on a commercial basis if the theme is interesting to me.

SignMyimage I make photos of the following genres:

A book entitled भारत के रंगبھارت کے رنگ — The Colours of India is being prepared for publication.

I am a photographer of events of the International Year of Chemistry in the Czech Republic. The photos are presented in galleries with comments in Czech, English and Hindi.

Since 2009 I am an official photographer of the week of science in the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, ASCR, v. v. i.

My photos were presented from October 9 to Nobember 3, 2006 on exhibition in Infocentre in Kolovraty near Prague (information in Czech only).

I took pictures of making Advent wreaths, Christmas cakes, etc. in the Mission Centre SERVO in Prague.

Some my photos can be bought from The system is only in the Czech language but an English version is said to be in preparation.

The galleries contain a small selection of my photos.

I am forced to sponsor musicians and other copyright organisations by my art work because I store my stories, poems, and photos on CD and DVD media.