Ice Bear SoftHow to refer to my pages

This document is not a license restricting or granting any rights. It is just recommendation written with the intention to help you make references to my pages so that they bring much benefit to users.

Almost all pages are made in PHP, their extensions are thus .php. They are bilingual and make use of the content negotiation technique implemented in PHP. The names of the main files never have any hyphen. The files with the language variants have the same names with the code of the language and optionally the character set separated with a hyphen (before the extension). If you wish to refer to my pages, please refer to the main file and use just a slash instead of index.php. The user with properly configured browser (see Information on content negotiation) will automatically receive the requested language variant. Only in case you refer to information contained in one of the language variants, use the link to the particular file.

Larger pages have sections the titles of which are labeled. The pages are generated from XML and they have therefore labels of two kinds: automatically generated in the form of a hexadecimal number, and created manually, usually derived from the English title of the section. Automatically generated labels may change at any time (and they do change), manually created labels will be with high probability preserved and you can refer to them.