Ice Bear SoftInstructions for using Devanagari

In order to use the program Devanagari must be displayed properly. Check whether you correctly see the texts in the table below.

Text Image

Make sure that conjuncts are properly formed and vowels (especially short i are at correct places). If anything does not work, read the English help in the Hindi Wikipedia.

Unicode distinguishes independent and dependent vowel. You must therefore write: आसान=आ+स+ा+न.

Write the vowels in the order as you pronounce them: किताब=क+ि+त+ा+ब. The same holds for anusvara and candrabindu: अंक=अ+ं+क, आँख=आ+ँ+ख.

Conjuncts are formed using a virama: पुस्तक=प+ु+स+्+त+क, क्षण=क+्+ष+ण. Conjuncts with the r consonant are formed similarly: प्राप्त=प+्+र+ा+प+्+त, धर्म=ध+र+्+म. All characters are written in the order of pronunciation: बर्रों=ब+र+्+र+ो+ं.

the program communicates partially in Hindi. First you select the range of numerals that you wish to test. The program then displays alternatively two tables of questions. The first table shows Hindi numerals and your answers are expected in Arabic numbers. The second table displays values given in Arabic numbers and you should answer in Hindi words. If you are not able to write Devanagari directly, you can use the graphical keyboard. You have to select an input field and then click a required character. The character will always be appended to the end of the input field.

After submitting the answers you will receive a result where the correct answers will be shown if you made an error. You will see your score as the percentage of correct answers below the table.

Now you can start the quiz. Good luck.