Ice Bear SoftPath to Red Sky (Aruna Rai and Zdeněk Wagner)

ISBN 978-80-905324-2-7

Front cover Back cover Publisher: Nakladatelství Zdeněk Vavřínek, published 12th September 2013. Publisher's email is given in the colophon, see below.

The book can be bought for instance in the Academia bookstore, Wenceslas Square, Prague.

Path to Red Sky is the first book of Hindi and Czech poetry written by two contemporary authors, Indian poet Aruna Rai and Czech poet Zdeněk Wagner. Zdeněk Wagner is the only author who writes poems both in Hindi and Czech. Some of his poems were originally written in Czech and later translated inti Hindi, some poems were written in Hindi and then translated into Czech, some poems were written in both languages at the same time. He also translated all Aruna Rai's poems from Hindi into Czech. The book contains 42 poems, 21 of each author, all in both languages. The preface was written in Czech by famous Czech poet Martin Petiška and translated into Hindi by Zdeněk Wagner. The book cover was designed by Zdeněk Wagner making use of his photos taken in Prague and in Agra. Detailed information about this unique book is available in Czech and in Hindi, see the language links.

You can download the table of contents and colophon in PDF (in Hindi and Czech).

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Aruna Rai   Zdeněk Wagner
अरुणा राय / Aruna Rai  ॥  Zdeněk Wagner / ज़्देन्येक वाग्नेर